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Ridgeway School – Fresh Focus

By 22nd January 2014 No Comments

Using photography for a socially enterprising and creative future


Ridgeway School, Plymouth



The challenge:

Create a sustainable social enterprise that empowers and enables photography to be a positive experience for those both in front – and behind the lens!

The RIO solution:The students’ styles were unique and their interest varied, but they all agreed that photography was something that anyone at any age should enjoy. As technologies and social media play an increasingly important role within our lives, so too is documenting events, be them big or small. They loved the fact that the majority of people had a ‘camera’ on them at any given time and that people use images and photography as a way to evaluate and record actions and events that we would not have done 10 years ago.

This decade, which has witnessed astonishing growth in who takes pictures and where they are taken, was a key part of the initial discussions. With this incredible accolade comes its very own set of challenges: self-esteem and confidence for instance, another important topic of conversation. A photograph is now something that can be shared with the world in a click, not shared on the mantelpiece for the family. Good shots and bad shots are now judged by a wider audience, people who are free to pass comment without knowing what may or may not offend. Their solution was to provide workshops that were within friendship groups, and covered trust, how to make people feel comfortable and how to use a camera and the world around us to capture truly magnificent images. They will also be offering workshops and drop in clinics covering the use of IT and image aids.

  • the group already have two real commissions
  • they will be launching their first workshop to the community after summer

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