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Purposeful Writing CPD Delivered

By 29th October 2014 No Comments

RIO Schools Consultant Jonathan Clitheroe recently joined teachers from Okehampton Learning Community to deliver an inspirational session of CPD entitled ‘Purposeful Writing’.

A community of 11 primary schools and Okehampton College, Okehampton Learning Community promotes a broad and diverse curriculum to foster excellence and enjoyment, celebrate achievement and to support professional development. We were invited to share our approach and expertise in designing learning challenges that create the opportunity for purposeful writing, and creating ways of displaying pupils’ work.

Making learning real and purposeful is our passion, and real world challenges form the heart of our approach. We love the challenge of setting up and running a literature or story festival, developing a publication, creating and running a communication campaign, putting on a community poetry event or developing a real world information zone that solves a real community problem, or taking on a real commission, and include opportunities to develop learning challenges that deliver the content of the new national curriculum.

We looked at opportunities to display students’ work, from simple ways to publish content online to developing relationships with businesses, galleries or venues interested in displaying pupils’ writing, or creating relationships with organisations willing to fund pupils’ work being published professionally.

Sally Powell, Deputy Headteacher at Okehampton Learning Community, said, “Jonathan, your session was like dropping an Alka-Seltzer into the coke bottle of learning! I am inspired to teach with purpose. Thank you. It is the most useful opportunity to develop my teaching that I have ever experienced.”

Are you interested in the ‘RIO approach’ for a CPD session? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at schools@realideas.org .

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