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Keep up to date with Project Blueprint

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Be part of the Blueprint for Bridgwater and West Somerset

Thank you from Project Blueprint

Over the past couple of months we have been working in Bridgwater and West Somerset and met some incredible community members and organisations.

We would like to thank everyone for their involvement in the process and for taking the time to meet us, sharing your experiences and practice. The Project Blueprint sessions helped us to understand your communities better; what barriers exist and what great things are happening that could be used as an opportunity to grow.

Thank you also to those of you who attended the feedback sessions. It was great to share the suggestions we will be putting forward and to gain your thoughts and ideas linked to this.

The events discussed the key ideas that have come from the design groups. They included the following ideas of how to develop:

  • Physical hubs – where people can come together to meet, invent, share and sell
  • The development of social enterprise accelerator programmes – to help with start-ups, funding, investment, procurement and coaching;
  • Informal learning programmes – so that young and older people can develop specific skills or knowledge
  • Peer led employment agencies – ‘people like me’ providing information, advice, guidance and support
  • Development of employers clubs – linking employers with diverse communities to build new approaches and bridge the gap with the harder to reach.
  • The events saw people discussing these ideas passionately, making connections, sharing ideas and challenging assumptions. We have taken all of the ideas on board and they will be fed into the final Project Blueprint reports.

    We will let you know how to access the reports as soon as they are available. In the meantime, please continue to be in touch with your ideas and thoughts, and let us know if there are people you have met who you want to connect to. We will do our best to put you in touch.

    Find out more about Project Blueprint by calling us on 08458 621288.

    Project Blueprint feedback sessions

    After our very successful Project Blueprint sessions during March and April in Bridgwater and West Somerset, we are hosting a Project Blueprint feedback session in each area, to share our findings with the communities and organisations which have helped to support us.

    You can find out the details of these feedback sessions below.

    Bridgwater – 29th April, 4-6pm, Bridgwater Arts Centre, Bridgwater

    West Somerset – 8th May, 4-6pm, The Beach Hotel, Minehead

    We would love to see as many people as possible there.

    If you are interested in finding out more, please contact our Project Blueprint team. For Bridgwater, please email kate.rowlands@realideas.org or call 07595 491018. For West Somerset, please email deshni.pyndiah@realideas.org or call 07595 779134.

    Project Blueprint session update

    Project Blueprint sessions have been taking place during March in both West Somerset and Bridgwater. Local people have attended to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas about how they feel their local communities could connect with the developments in the region including the building of Hinkley C. They have also helped us to identify any barriers that might stop them and their communities from taking advantage of these opportunities.

    In each of the areas, members of the community and organisations in the sessions have helped us to identify key assets, community groups and organisations that are central to where they live; where there are opportunities that with a bit of support and investment could help people to learn new skills, create new job opportunities or increase living standards and the sense of pride people have for their towns and villages.

    Some of the findings coming out of the groups include:

  • Creating community-run mobile jobs hubs for backfill opportunities, which will help the unemployed get support and information they need to find employment
  • Community-led enterprising solutions to make transport easier including making more use of car share and exploring new social enterprise models
  • Ways to develop and make more of the heritage and buildings in both areas and connect them to the opportunities to come out of the Hinkley ripple effect
  • Development of the arts and culture offer in specific areas which includes public art, to improve the look and feel of areas. This includes training schemes for people to learn new skills and gain valuable experiences
  • It has been brilliant for us to hear the ideas, views and opinions that have come out of the sessions. As a team at RIO, we have been amazed at the wealth of individuals and community groups who want to do things that will make a difference and allow people to benefit from the developments. We have also been amazed by the variety and amount of potential community and heritage assets that exist in both areas.

    At the same time as meeting with the design groups, we have been busy continuing to meet with the huge variety of exciting and dynamic organisations working in the region, helping them to explore ways that their work can connect with the opportunities that are available.

    We are beginning the process of bringing everyone’s ideas together and exploring ways in which they can be turned into a reality. We will be sharing the next stage of the process at two upcoming events – one on Wednesday 29th April in Bridgwater, and one on Friday 8th May in West Somerset. Both sessions will run between 4-6pm and venues will be confirmed soon. We would love to see everyone who has contributed to the process and anyone else who has a stake in the area.

    If you are interested in finding out more, please contact our Project Blueprint team. For Bridgwater, please email kate.rowlands@realideas.org or call 07595 491018. For West Somerset, please email deshni.pyndiah@realideas.org or call 07595 779134.

    About Project Blueprint

    RIO is putting together two groups of people – one in Bridgwater, one in West Somerset – to create a plan…a blueprint…to make sure those communities make the most of the opportunities and investment happening in the area over the next 10 years.

    It’s crucially important that we work with people in Bridgwater and West Somerset, to identify what might be needed and where, to help create the most benefit for communities in the area.

    Be part of the Blueprint development and you will:

  • Learn new skills and develop your talents along the way
  • Visit some exciting projects to see what is working elsewhere
  • Make a real difference in your community
  • We’re really keen to get started so if you’re interested in being part of the group creating the Blueprint in your area please get in touch.


    Email Kate Rowlands call 07595 491018 or join our Bridgwater Facebook group

    West Somerset

    Email Deshni Pyndiah call 07595 779134 or join our West Somerset Facebook group

    We’ll be updating this blog with Project Blueprint news and events as the work develops so add it to your favourites and check back here soon!

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