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Case Studies

Professionalised student volunteering within a social enterprise setting

By 14th August 2015 No Comments

In 2012, RIO worked with SERIO (Social, Economic and Market Research) to bid for funding through the Vice Chancellor’s Community Research Awards. Their application was successful and SERIO, based at Plymouth University, was commissioned to undertake the study.

The research aims to investigate professional student volunteering and the benefits to both the students, the organisation (RIO) and the wider community. It also covered how the volunteering offer could be further developed.

The research has three main objectives:

  • To determine how and to what extent professionalised student volunteering benefits both the community organisation and the wider community
  • To understand how professionalised student volunteering contributes to students skills development and employability
  • To identify how RIO can further expand their volunteering set and broker to a wider range of organisations, as well as formalising and promoting volunteering opportunities with Plymouth University
  • You can read the full report, entitled ‘Professionalised student volunteering within a social enterprise setting’ by clicking here.

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