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Galigantus is a compilation of Cornish rock, punk and metal bands covering each other’s music. The album is a celebration of creativity and music in Cornwall, created through the Game Changer programme thanks to the help and charity of all the bands involved, Cabin Fever Audio and RouteNote Sessions.

Track List

  1. Cybernetic Witch Cult – ‘Mariana’ (Kernuyck cover)
  2. The Eyelids – ‘Sea of Trees’ (Monolithian cover)
  3. Sam Bradbury – ‘Bella’ (Oof cover)
  4. Monolithian – ‘F. Emasculata’ (F. Emasculata cover)
  5. Bucca Dhu – Act Normal (Die Spangle cover)
  6. Night Motor – ‘Buzzsaw Tomahawk’ (Rash Decision cover)
  7. Roo Pescod – ‘Cosmic Dust’ (The Eyelids cover)
  8. Die Spangle – ‘Take a Walk’ (Bucca Dhu cover)
  9. Adam Morrison – ‘No. 12’ (Mouth cover)

For more info about the work that went into creating Galigantus, visit the main page here.

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