The Challenge:

How do we improve the service for teenagers and young adults with cancer at Derriford Hospital which will benefit young people, their friends and family, the hospital, the city and beyond?

A local fundraising campaign

raised £5000 which went directly to

Plymouth Hospitals General Charity


Plymouth, Devon


January – September 2015


Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

The RIO solution

RIO recruited and worked with a group of amazing volunteers, aged between 16-22 to co-design a solution.

The group of volunteers was recruited in January 2015 to create a plan which will help improve the service for young cancer patients at Derriford Hospital. While patients there benefit from fantastic support and treatment from the amazing staff, the spaces, facilities and resources aimed at the specific needs of young people, are somewhat lacking.

As young people themselves, the volunteers from A Driven Force understand that it’s important to see a ‘young’ presence to help young people feel welcome at the hospital to support them during treatment.

RIO’s role was to supporting these amazing young people to develop their values and brand, to raise money, to develop their ideas, to market and promote their work through social media and the press, develop relationships with other organisations that might support their project and to make some physical changes to the space at Derriford.

Stats and Facts

  • A brand was developed working with RIO’s marketing team and a professional graphic designer – from which A Driven Force (ADF) was created
  • A local fundraising campaign raised £5000 which went directly to Plymouth Hospitals General Charity
  • Relationships were developed with senior leaders at Derriford Hospital including the Chief Executive, Head of Estates and Communications Manager as well as other organisations such as the Teenage Cancer Trust
  • Social media activity raised awareness across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with all content created and regularly updated by ADF
  • Pr activity resulted in coverage locally in the Plymouth Herald as well as nationally with Social Enterprise UK
  • A bright and informative communications wall was designed and created in the teenage and young adult cancer ward
How The Project Was Received

When I heard about working with RIO with the aim to help improve cancer services for young people, I was instantly interested and it was something I could not turn down. I am extremely passionate about cancer care for patients and am very familiar with the current care that is available. This has driven me to make a change!"
I am also very determined to raise as much awareness of A Driven Force as we are a very passionate and dedicated team, trying to make a difference in something very important. Being part of the project has helped me regain confidence and meet a variety of friendly people.

Elisha Searla volunteer with A Driven Force

The passion shown by the Driven Force guys is amazing. It’s really nice to see these young individuals show great entrepreneurial spirit to help achieve the goals set out to redevelop the cancer unit and Derriford Hospital... I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Troy Woodhousedesigner at Gamma Ray Creative