The Challenge

How do we help a passionate NEET young person with few opportunities improve his chances of a better future through engagement and support

Help gain vital

employability skills


Truro, Cornwall


September 2012 – Present


Big Lottery Fund, Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum, Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change, Cornwall Youth Work Partnership, Seafood Restaurant, United Response, Cornwall Council

The RIO solution

Sean Quelch participated in the Talent Match employment programme led by RIO, to help gain vital employability skills, as well as providing him with communication skills, IT skills, opportunities to meet new people and make a difference to his future and the lives of others around him.

Talent Match is an employment programme funded by Big Lottery Fund, which aims to support unemployed young people back into work.

Sean Quelch was first introduced to Talent Match by Careers South West, who referred him in August 2012. Aged just 20, Sean was a founding member of Generation E, the young people-led arm of Talent Match, and played an active role in the Young People’s Communication Agency, working alongside other young people to create real job opportunities.

Sean has been instrumental in highlighting Talent Match to lead Cornwall MPs, and has also worked with Careers South West and Job Centre Plus to raise the profile of the programme.

How The Project Was Received

I joined Talent Match because I didn’t want to see other people in the same situation that I was in. I was unemployed and saw Talent Match as an opportunity to open doors for myself and other young people. I wanted to learn new skills throughout, and hopefully come out with a job at the end of it.

Sean Quelch