The Challenge

How do we help create a more aspirational future for the young people living in  Liskeard, as well as establish healthier food and lifestyle options and a richer Arts and culture scene.

Employability skills

Opportunities in Arts and Culture


Liskeard, Cornwall


September 2016 – Present


RIO’s Connected Schools Programme

RIO - Connected Schools

The RIO solution

Through the Connnected Schools programme,  RIO are supporting  Liskeard Community to start up a community media agency. When established the agency will be a registered social enterprise (probably a CIC) governed by local community partners including the town council, secondary school, community centre and town forum, although it will not employ any staff initially, to keep running costs to a minimum.

The partners will all contribute financially and other income streams will come from social investment (community share offer/ crowd funding), sponsorship, advertising and grants for one off special projects.

It will commission the services of a locally based media agency (Voice Group) to provide professional expertise, design and print services and brand guardianship for the agency. It will produce a variety of regular media including a quarterly magazine, events, town website and other projects.

It will offer opportunities for local people to get involved to co-produce products as well as professional placements for interns from schools and universities or those wanting media experience.

Stats and Facts

  • Working with The Junk Food Project
  • Establish strong networks with the Museum
  • Support start up Community Media Agency
How The Project Was Received



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