The Challenge

How can a rural market town use a community magazine as a platform to raise aspirations and connect a community?

Reduce social isolation and support individuals to learn new skills

Give a voice to disengaged and underrepresented people in the community


Liskeard, Cornwall


September 2016 – September 2018


RIO, Power to Change-Connected Schools Programme

RIO - Connected Schools

The RIO solution 

Lyskerrys, the community business was formed to create a platform and a voice to all residents across the town, particularly to those who are disengaged and underrepresented. The content is written with and for the people of the community and showcases all that the area has to offer in terms of events, news and cultural activity.  Distributed to approximately 5000 households across the town, it serves as a vehicle to bring people together, reduce social isolation and as a tool to support individuals to learn new skills.

The team at Lyskerrys aims to supports the community’s creative sector, by connecting local people with creative professionals ,so they can develop creative and digital skills like photography, journalism and social media. With support, individuals create high quality content for the quarterly publication, engaging and raising aspirations of local people, especially the town’s younger generation.

Through this partnership, young people have been inspired to create their own solutions to the area’s challenges and engage in community business activity. Sixth form students, who received journalism training from L.A.M.B, have established a writing collective called Journalisks, celebrating their love for Cornwall and writing.

With practical support from the Connected Schools programme, financial contributions from community partners and a successful lottery grant, RIO and L.A.M.B’s partners collaborated to develop a flexible community business model and a set of exciting methods in which the community can contribute content, whilst developing expertise and gaining meaningful experience. With three publications produced, Lyskerrys is an example of how community led media can be successfully used to tackle community challenges, and as a vehicle for community and economic development.

Stats and Facts

  • Key members in the community were passionate about tackling this issue and wanted to create a channel through which people in Liskeard can start to see what is positively happening and going on in their town.
  • RIO’s unique mix of social enterprise expertise, community work and approach to working with young people in and out of schools enabled the birth of a sustainable community model.
  • LSOAs in Liskeard perform particularly poorly in relation to the income and employment domains
  • 22% of children are living in poverty in Liskeard compared with 20% across England
  • A sustainable model underpins the long-term vision of LAMB. Financial sustainability is driven through generating income through other community contributors and sponsored content from local businesses
How The Project Was Received

“it important for young people to connect to the local community to help create solutions to local problems, because if they don't the future of the town will have no community. They are the future of the town, and it is only through local connections that they create a community going into the future. Community projects and services connect people together across time, they forge a sense of place, and serve social purposes. They are there to help anyone who needs them, and if they are not used they will fade away.”

Zac, young content creator for Lyskerrys

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