The Challenge

How can we provide enterprise opportunities, training and employment while finding ways to develop confidence, language skills and improve intergration across communities?

Develop a business

Improve integration across communities


Hannah More Primary School, Bristol


2016 – Present


RIO’s Connected Schools Programme

RIO - Connected Schools

The RIO solution 

During a successful engagement event in November 2016, a diverse group of parents, staff, business leaders and community organisations, it was clear from discussions that individuals felt there was a  need to celebrate diversity and the heritage of the unique inner city community.

Establishing a community business selling Kaani Kulayl Chilli Sauces that connects the community through food, while creating employment opportunities. Harnessing the collective skills of  the school and its diverse community to share learning on cultural identity, values and needs thus enabling business, organisations and individuals to become  culturally competent .

By accessing a range of RIO tools, training and resources individuals will be able to understand how  they can begin to tackle some of the local challenges together  and create lasting change.

“The programme has enabled our school to connect to a variety of different people, local and high-profile businesses and ideas. It has allowed us to broaden our work and embrace new ways of thinking, even though the process was so different to what we are were used to. It has been good working with RIO, who also understand the value of our unique community and have helped us learn how to use enterprising approaches for us all to work together.” – Ruth Cochrane, Community Development Coordinator.

Stats and Facts

  • The school have explored their relationship with their community to develop a range of mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses and community partners.
  • Currently 88% of pupils are of minority ethnic heritage
  • Almost half of the population are from countries outside the UK
  • Located in Bristols thriving Enterprise zone
  • Lack of transport, confidence and English as an additional language for local residences.
  • Develop confidence, language skills and improve intergration across communities
  • Located in one of the top four deprived wards in Bristol
How The Project Was Received

“Bristol is a rapidly growing city both economically and in size, but how does as many people as possible contribute and benefit from this growth. Hannah More Primary is in a unique position, the school is juxtaposed to Bristol’s flourishing enterprise zone and one of the top four deprived wards in Bristol. The work we are leading in Bristol is about supporting an inner city school and it’s community to unlock it’s potential and create opportunity. The school and community hold a wealth of skills, knowledge and enterprising ideas to some of the local challenges, so the programme is providing a way to make these ideas a reality and hopefully create lasting change.“

Deshni Pyndiah, RIO consultant

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