The Challenge

How can we create and sustain a community business and increase community integration?

Create community business

Community integration


Hannah More Primary, Bristol


2016 – Present


RIO’s Connecting Schools Programme, Hannah More Primary School

RIO - Connected Schools

The RIO solution 

Alongside key school staff,  the Real Ideas Organisation (RIO)  has been working group of eight women, who all have a passion for food and cooking to develop a food focused community business.

The group are in the process of creating their business  named ‘Kaani Kulayl’  (which translate to hot chilli in a mixture of Sengalese and Somalian) which aims to make and sell chilli related products.  The aspirations of the team, who all have diverse ethnic heritages from across Africa and Bangladesh, are to create benefit for the local community.

Kaani  aims to bring people together through food, while celebrating the diversity and heritage of a unique inner city community.

The close links to Hannah More Primary School, mean the team have access to the wonderful school garden and greenhouse. The school’s growing club have been busy growing the test first batch of chilli plants, as well as the additional ingredients that they will be using their  sauces, and the all classes have been challenged to grow and learn about chillis so the whole school is involved too.

The group are hoping to hoping to test their first product during the summer of 2017, with a view to launching the community business later in the year.

Stats and Facts

  • 40% of the population are from outside of the UK
  • Lack of community integration
  • Adjacent to the biggest urban regeneration project in the UK
  • Community business as a vehicle for change
How The Project Was Received

“The school and the group of women that the Real Ideas are supporting through this programme are truly passionate about their local community and want to make a real difference. The programme has been successful in providing the conditions for community business activity to emerge and by accessing RIO’s business tools and resources, we are starting to create a legacy of skills, expertise and networks that will enable them to continue outside of the programme. Kaani Kulayl is an example of what can happen, when individuals are given the opportunity to turn ideas into a reality, it is really exciting and this is just the start.”

Deshni Pyndiah, Real Ideas Organisation

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