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Case Studies

Penair School – Jigsaw

By 22nd January 2014 No Comments

Making an existing community festival even bigger and better


Penair School, Truro


22nd May 2013

The challenge:

To increase the external profile of Penair School’s Literature and Arts Festival, making it a robust model of community engagement and a sustainable business concept

The RIO solution:The Real Ideas Organisation’s Schools Service team is proud to be working with such a creative and innovative secondary school like Penair School in Truro, Cornwall.

The school’s Literature and Arts Festival was entering its second year, and with an already packed programme of artists, practitioners and key note speakers it was the perfect platform for the young people to showcase their skills as a creative communications company.

Throughout the Challenge Day, the group formed their teams and their company was created. They named themselves ‘Jigsaw’. The name came from the understanding that as a team, they do not only put the pieces together, but they help create the bigger picture for everyone to enjoy.

  • 7 students were involved
  • students adopted important roles within their company Jigsaw such as Marketing Manager
  • the Literature and Arts Festival was a major event for the whole city of Truro to enjoy

Elinor Eaton, RIO Schools Consultant

“I was so surprised and inspired by the group. In a single Challenge Day they achieved more than we could have possibly hoped. The group were not only hungry to ensure their fabulous school was seen by the entire community, but also held the skills, vision, passions and aptitudes to make the event a true success. Penair has demonstrated that they are not only a forward thinking, innovative school, but also are able to see the range and scope of potential that their young people harness.

They have given their students this opportunity and allowed and empowered them, with RIO’s support, to find the solution to the school’s very real challenge. I am sure that the event will not only receive great footfall, but will also impact the community by offering such an amazing opportunity to truly be engaged with the arts and culture. This is not a journey that will end after the festival is over. This is a journey that will leave a legacy for years to come.”

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