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Case Studies

Peer Connector Jenny

By 18th October 2016 September 4th, 2017 No Comments

As part of Power to Change places, the role of peer connector was established in Devonport to help connect with the local community and begin to solve problems faced within this locality.


Jenny moved to Devonport in 2011 and she is now settled here with her family. She has been volunteering for a long time and likes to get stuck in and involved in the community around her. A sense of community is really important to Jenny and she feels a community of support around her children whilst they grow up in Devonport is something she is determined to develop.

Jenny heard about the Power to Change Peer Connector role through the Plymouth School of Creative Art’s Facebook page. Her role as Peer Connector is to engage with others in her community to find out the problems they are facing in their surroundings, what they would like to see improved and how they would like to help achieve this.

Jenny felt this to be a suited project to her as she loves the RIO ethos and is keen to develop knowledge and understanding of what community enterprises are. The engagement side to this role is a real appeal as it plays to her strengths.

Doing something that will create change within her area is really important to Jenny as she is keen to see Devonport become a community that locals feel secure and happy in, benefitting the community and children growing up here.

Jenny is passionate about seeing locals celebrate what’s great about Devonport, the rich history and strong community base that Devonport once saw.

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