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Case Studies

Patchway Community College – Fusion Festival

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Connecting audiences, young people and artists, harnessing the creativity of Primary School children, their parents and their local community.


Patchway Community College, Patchway


2012 – 2013


Curry’s PC World

The challenge:

Aid in the creation and development of their Fusion Festival – a festival designed to connect audiences, young people and artists. The festival is committed to presenting educational programs that embraced artists, practitioners, teachers, young people, families and audiences of all backgrounds, to gain a mutual understanding, passion and exploration of the arts.

The RIO solution:This has been a partnership that was united by a shared creative vision, with a joint determination to make positive change happen, and a mission to run the most exciting, innovative and accessible arts and cultural projects in the South West.

Whilst delivering the projects, the goal was to promote cultural, educational and economic well-being for arts practitioners, young people and the community of Bristol, with social enterprise and sustainability at its core.

RIO worked with Patchway Community College and local primary schools across Bristol and South Gloucestershire to put together a plan of activities for the festival. The partnership with the school created positive changes for young people, teachers, artists and families as their understanding and appreciation for the art grew.

The Fusion Festival was a testament that the power of the arts, the legacy it offers and the difference it makes, really can and does transform lives.

  • Reflecting international culture to audiences from South Gloucestershire and Bristol
  • Offering a showcase opportunity for South Gloucestershire and Bristol culture along with our artists and their work
  • Presenting unique events through innovative programming and a commitment to new and engaging work
  • Investment and engagement from the corporate sector; Waterstones, John Lewis, GE Capital, Orange, Atkins and Arts Council England, Curry’s PC World, with the guerilla marketing campaign
  • Offering opportunities in a community that would otherwise be inaccessible
  • Ensuring the Festival has adequate funding to fulfill its mission and address its sustainability and legacy
  • Actively ensuring equal opportunities for all Primary Schools in South Gloucestershire, Bristol and wider public to experience and enjoy the Festival
  • Encouraging public participation in the arts throughout the year by collaborating with arts activities that the festival organise and offers
  • Strengthening partnerships in the area with the involvement of the local Police, Youth Centers, Fire and Rescue Services and Local Housing Associations
  • Creating a network of 3 Senior Schools and 12 Primary schools – with Patchway Community College at the heart

Richard Headon, Director of Quest South West

“It is exactly the kind of ambitious and imaginative work that Bristol needs in order to offer a true legacy and create a new generation of culture lovers”

Sherrie Humphries, Creative Agent at Patchway Community College

“Working with Elinor has been an inspiration; she has given me a vast tool belt of knowledge and understanding of the Fundraising and Income Generation arena. I now feel well equipped to turn my creativity and unique ideas into a model of practise that doesn’t only offer our students opportunities, but also enables me to create something that is sustainable. I couldn’t recommend RIO highly enough, it has been an unbelievable journey of discovery. It’s a pleasure to call them a friend of Patchway Community College. Long may it continue.”

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