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Our Way work wonders at latest Plymouth Chamber event

By 13th March 2015 No Comments

On Thursday 12th March, Plymstock School hosted the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce ‘Meet the Chamber’ event, where over 40 Business Leaders from the city joined the first ever Chamber event hosted in a school setting.

The event enabled people to not only take a step back in time, reminiscing about their school days, but it also provided some excellent networking opportunities. Plymstock School hosted the event with true integrity, and the event proved very valuable. Sometimes there is a temptation to try and become ‘corporate’, to ensure guests feel comfortable in their environment, but this event provided an effervescent blend of the two worlds fusing, just like cross-sector collaboration at its best. Pioneering, innovative and transformative aren’t what we know, they are what we need. This event proved that Plymstock School and their partnership ‘Transform Tomorrow Together’ is exactly what the corporate sector needs, with 4 new memberships pledged; including City Bus and one new Parent Profile, the event left people asking; “When is the next one?”

The fabulous representation for the Our Way students gave the event a layer of fun. Although they were on par with the Business Leaders, and were unrecognisable as students and were seen simply as young entrepreneurs, the fact that they were there provided the guests with a certain freedom to interact in a more gentle manner. The Our Way crew of course pushed and pulled conversations and were bright and shining RIO ambassadors – praising our approach at every turn and certainly giving us something very special to be proud of.

In truth, the sincerity and emotion that was put into the planning from the school’s point of view, were the perfect condiment to yet another perfectly planned Plymouth Chamber event.

Written by Elinor Eaton, RIO Schools Consultant

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