Jen Heath

Consultant (Learning Facilitator)

Jen’s role within the RIO family involves school delivery of the Game Changer programme, primarily to children and young people with challenging behaviour, learning difficulties and disabilities (LDD). Jen also leads the Workable campaign which emphasises the need for young people with long term health conditions or disabilities to play an active role in their future employment, encouraging diverse recruitment strategies and positive change across Cornwall. Additionally, Jen is the safeguarding risk manager for LDD individuals under RIO’s provision.

Prior to joining RIO in September 2018, Jen spent several years working within early education settings. These included primary schools and challenge-based learning and activity centres for schools and individuals with complex behavioural needs. Jen later decided to focus her academic studies on Early Education and Behavioural Psychology whilst supporting vulnerable children and young people within residential care settings. This experience provided a valuable insight into the broad needs of young individuals within the care and education sectors and highlighted the importance of providing appropriate guidance for young LDD learners ready to embark upon their future careers or further education. Jen loves being involved in sourcing and offering exciting opportunities for young people to access and explore a variety of skills and employment sectors, enabling young learners to make informed decisions about their future, to overcome barriers and to achieve their goals.