Craig Sturmey


Craig is an administrator and works mostly at Devonport Guildhall. He joined RIO is 2018 and has a background in administration, management and customer relations, as well as a long stint in retail.

Craig is often one of the people you will speak to first if you call or visit the Guildhall. Although administrator is his job title, he considers it his true purpose to ensure he commits to telling as many bad jokes as possible on a daily basis.

Craig moved to Plymouth from Gloucestershire 13 years ago and never looked back. When he is not striving to provide an excellent and smiley service for all things RIO, he spends his time walking, listening to podcasts and obsessing over various sports.

“I see it as my job to always provide a friendly, efficient service for all things RIO, to ensure the wonderful people of RIO can continue delivering the excellent work that they do”.