“RIO’s mission is to deliver real and lasting change through social enterprise, improving people’s communities, lives and developing their individual potential”

– Matt Little | Head of Research and Impact, Real Ideas Organisation

There are three strands to our business:

1.  We develop and run our own creative, innovative and award winning social enterprise ventures, including the Column Bakehouse (an artisan community bakery) and the Devonport Guildhall (a creative social enterprise community hub). Therefore creating jobs and enabling heritage and enterprise-led regeneration in particular ‘disadvantaged’ communities in the SW.

We then use this knowledge and experience to support others to do the same, achieving their own goals through social enterprise by:

2.  Delivering a range of strategic programmes for partners focussed on creativity, culture, and social enterprise across the SW, including:

  • The Bridge function for Arts Council England in the SW, providing a range of strategic support to the arts, cultural and educational sectors to ensure young people can access and engage in great arts and cultural provision.
  • The lead partner for Talent Match Cornwall (funded via the Big Lottery), supporting young people aged 18-24 who have been unemployed for a year of more to move into the job market.

3. Providing a range of services to help other organisations harness the power of social enterprise to realise their ambitions, including consultancy, training and business support.

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