Become a content partner

Become a content partner and join the Real Ideas Organisation to collaborate in the creation of  content and experiences for our physical and digital spaces. 

You will have the opportunity to share our space, network and reach. We can help host your ideas or partner in a co-hosting agreement. You will be able to showcase your ideas, events and experiences with our targeted social enterprise, creative, education and business audience segments.  

We currently have 300+ members and are growing daily. Our members have access to support, space, experiences, our leadership and insight. As we grow our community, we will focus on our journey toward empowering ideas, creating opportunity, and solving problems. 

As a partner you will benefit from the following:

Access to: 

Our spaces and digital platform
Connections with the Real Ideas Community
Real Ideas ticketing platform and reporting mechanism
Shared investment costs – (reduced risk ticket share options)
Technical support from the Real Ideas team and in-house expertise
Real Ideas equipment and resources


Alignment and positive association with the Real Ideas brand
Support from Real Ideas marketing team

The levels of access to the above will differ per proposal and we will contact you and discuss this. Drawn from our organisational culture and values, the content on our platform will represent what we stand for as an organisation. 

Our Digital Platform

Due to Government restrictions we are currently focusing on our digital platform. Our emerging online platform will act as a distribution channel, a place where we can host and co-host to deliver support, create community, share ideas and connect with our audiences. It will exist alongside the face to face offer in our buildings and be delivered by teams and partners across our locations, creating a holistic, multi-channel offer for members to access as they choose; in person or online, live as it happens or at a time that suits them. 

We are open to suggestions and ideas and are currently exploring the following formats, these include speaker seminars, interactive workshops, one to one sessions, exhibition and events, conference and networking including networking socials.  

Make sure you are in the right place

We will theme and curate the content on our platform to align with our values and membership requirements. Current themes include business recovery, economic crisis, exploring new ways of working, people and society, community and wellbeing.  

We will regularly update the themes and curation of our programme and publish this as part of our members newsletters.  

We have a put a step-by-step guide below.  

How it works

Step 1

Become a member
On completion of the ‘Content Partner’ application you will automatically become a free ‘Join Us’ member.  

Step 3

Fill in the application form
Detail your ideas and any operational barriers you may have. 

Step 4

Engage in our membership offer
While you wait for us, sit back and enjoy the membership offer. It might take us up to 1 month to get back to you and we will probably want to discuss your proposal in more detail as part of the curation of our programme.  If we see that you would benefit in being part of any of our webinars as audience or participant, we will be in touch separately. 

What happens next

If we say yes, we will be in touch to discuss contact and schedule a meeting.  

If we say no, we are sorry this time, we have a huge demand for this service and only a limited amount of online availability to make sure we are focusing on the key demand and requirements of our channel. Keep in touch and stay up to date with our members newsletter. It might not be the right fit now, but it might be in the future. You can re-submit. 


Share our space, create and inspire (virtually or physically). We want to support you with your operational problems and processes, by using our network and reach. Real Ideas can help you host or co-host, produce your webinars and meetings, share our community and technical knowledge. Speak to the membership team for more details.