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Game Changer

Lydia’s Story

By 10th January 2020 No Comments

Lydia first came to Game Changer in January 2019 after being recommended by the job centre.

She is currently an Ambitions participant, and has also worked on the Future Make sessions in Ocean Studios. 

Before signing on as an Ambitions participant, Lydia had completed her Extended Diploma Level 3 in Art and Design at Plymouth College of Art. During this time, she also worked in teaching support.

Soon after Lydia began her degree level course in Painting, drawing, and print. Unfortunately, due to ill health Lydia was not able to complete this course; she then moved to Liskeard and gained a job at The Auction Rooms but was made redundant. Lydia suffers with anxiety and depression and at this time was struggling with addiction.

Lydia was able to return to the Game Changer programme during these difficult periods. 

“The fact that you can go into Game Changer and do a day there and apply for jobs or whatever gets you back into the routine of going to work. It really helps you to get back into the swing of things and build your confidence. You can learn about your skills set and find out your potential.”

Lydia has been able to focus on improving both her art and teaching skills during her time with Game Changer. She has gained experience working with the Future Make team and has even been able to exhibit her work at Illuminate Light Festival!

“I earned my first digital badge that they gave out for my teaching support. I also did an installation as part of the Illuminate Festival – It was a diorama style theme with trees and it lit up. We had it in the Future Make shop during the Illuminate Festival.”

“At the Future Make workshops every week we had different kids in with their parents, and they all used my scene with some Plasticine modelling to make ‘Future Families’, or what they think families will look like in the future.”

Lydia’s journey with the programme has also meant she has attended female boxing sessions with the Game Changer team, which has really improved her confidence.

Lydia has created a creative portfolio on Art station and is working on a commissioned art piece. She is also working on developing a creative commission-based business. 

Lydia is now planning to go to the University of Plymouth to study Illustration and in the mean time wants to gain more experience in teaching support. She still intends on continuing work on developing an art therapy business, she hopes to try these out in elderly people’s homes. 

“I’d like to get some sort of job in admin or teaching support to fill the gap, I am hoping to get a job soon after Christmas.”

Lydia’s has immersed herself in the Game Changer programme and her experience with it has been really positive on her personal progression and she hopes to carry it on in 2020.

“You can engage in quite a lot of different and exciting activities. They’ve got good range of sector partners in lots of different industries. Anything from Art to English courses. Anything you want to do, they can try and help you with. 

“Working on your own initiative is important but the Game Changer navigators are there to help and give a lot of support with the industry links that they can pass on to you. It’s been a really positive experience for me.”


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