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Licensed to Create: Improving Teacher Quality

By 19th January 2015 No Comments

In a constantly changing climate, it has never been more important for schools to produce outstanding and innovative teachers who explore unique ways of delivering the curriculum, ensuring learning is fun as well as thought-provoking.

It is no longer about delivering the traditional curriculum within the school gates. Children need to experience the breadth of the curriculum in a number of ways, and learning needs to take place outside of the classroom on occasion, for children to understand how their newfound knowledge works in the ‘real world’. Children can gain valuable skills through real-world experiences, and teachers need to be open-minded and more creative to find out how they can make the curriculum more exciting for their students.

The RSA has published an interesting report on their website which consists of a collection of essays focusing on improving teacher quality. ‘Licensed to Create: Improving Teacher Quality’ is a collection of findings from 11 different authors, giving their insights into the world of teaching.

Teachers may find it useful to set aside some time and read through these inspirational ideas, and also watch the quick animation, which highlights the importance of teacher creativty in inspiring pupils and increasing their desire to learn.

You can download the essays and watch the video here.

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