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Learning Technology Enhances Workforce Assets

By 20th September 2016 July 26th, 2019 No Comments

Technology is now a seamless part of our world; in education, the workplace and at home technology enhances the learning experience and supports learner development.

Sophisticated digital learning programmes can enhance the learner experience. By providing personalised, interactive and engaging content, and outcomes-based reporting, they can complement in-person teaching to deliver an all-round learning experience. An example of how this digital learning programme can benefit many is through the learning of another language.

Businesses in particular value language skills and need confident and skilled candidates entering the workforce. Globalisation has made multi-lingual skills an attractive quality in candidates, making them even more marketable across industries and business functions.

Digital learning programmes offer a high level of interactivity with simulations of realistic foreign language interactions. The pace of information delivery can be varied, making it a flexible tool to meet the whole range of individual needs. Some are even “gamified,” turning learning into a fun game-like experience and challenge.

Highly adaptive digital learning programmes such as Rosetta Stone Catalyst, can take this individualisation even further by individually assessing each learner and assigning them to an appropriate learning path. It’s important to understand the benefits of such programs as there’s no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to learning. The more catered the content is to each learner, the better results they’ll achieve.

There’s no question that technology has dramatically changed when and where learning can take place. Lessons can be taken home, work and on-the-go through mobile devices. This is a huge bonus to businesses looking to implement learning programmes across various markets and time zones. Employees can learn on their own schedule, when and how they want to.

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