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Kian’s Story

By 17th September 2019 No Comments

16-year-old Kian had overcome significant challenges throughout his school life, having tragically lost both of his parents. He worked with his Game Changer Consultant, Hannah, during his final year at Brannel School to help secure his next steps and career ambitions.

Kian was the first to admit that he wasn’t the “academic type” and some of the core subjects at school were a challenge for him, including English and Maths. His favourite subject at school was Construction and during 1-1 sessions with Hannah he explored his options and decided that a full-time college course wasn’t right for him. He wanted to be able to work and be practical and hands-on rather than being in a classroom 5 days a week. He also wanted to be able to contribute financially at home as he felt immense gratitude towards his older sister for taking care of him – he wanted to help take care of her too. After spending time considering all options, Kian felt that an apprenticeship was the best pathway for him as he could work, earn and learn.

It quickly became clear that Kian had a very strong work ethos. His Consultant, Hannah Lovelock, said: “Kian has been an absolute pleasure to work with from day one. His proactive attitude and his resilience to life’s hurdles has really impressed and inspired me. He has stepped out of his comfort zone so many times in the past 6 months so that he could pursue his chosen career path and he has achieved so much in this time. He has every reason to feel proud.”

Working with Hannah, he researched and considered apprenticeship routes. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to become a carpenter or a mechanic. They decided that the best way to find out was to try, so the next step was to set up some work experience. Kian committed his half-terms and weekends to gain an insight into his possible career paths and secured a work trial with a carpenter. Kian absolutely loved it and he did so well that the carpenter agreed to take him on as an apprentice.

As part of the Game Changer programme, Kian was able to attend a CSCS course and gain his CSCS card, so he had the health and safety knowledge and certification needed to work on a site. Kian spent 2 weeks of his summer holidays attending the course at St Austell College and passed with flying colours. This meant that Kian was more employable in the construction industry and further supported his career development.

After brokering the apprenticeship, achieving his CSCS certification and attending a college interview, Kian was ready to start in September 2019. Sadly, the carpenter who had agreed to take him on split with his business partner and could no longer take Kian on. Ever resilient, Kian took it in

his stride and continued to work with Hannah to find a new apprenticeship. The pressure was on to secure a new apprenticeship by September…only 3 weeks away.

Hannah and Kian’s sister talked about possible options and decided to approach Terry Harris & Sons to see if they had any apprenticeship positions that Kian could be considered for. Terry Harris & Sons asked to see Kian’s CV and then offered him an interview with a Site Manager on a construction site in Padstow. Kian impressed the Site Manager so much that he offered him an apprenticeship on the spot. The offer was on the condition that Kian had his own transport. The next challenge was for Kian to get his CBT license and buy a moped so that he could get to and from the site. Kian and his sister booked him on a CBT test and bought a moped. He passed his CBT and is now ready to start his apprenticeship on Monday 8th September.

Reflecting on Kian’s journey with Game Changer, Kian’s sister, Kiera said:

“For us Gamechanger has literally been just that. It has supported Kian in every possible aspect in an extremely stressful time for a young adult. Gamechanger have employed people who have well and truly adopted the programmes ethos and I think that really drives such a successful programme. Hannah hasn’t just supported Kian but us as a whole family, supporting my brother to find his future was never on the agenda for me as a young adult myself and when embarking on our crazy life journey it was never something I even gave a second thought to and thanks to Hannah and Gamechanger I never needed to, a complete weight was lifted. Hannah left no stone unturned and quite literally went above and beyond. Kian is now confident and excited to begin his new adventure and that is all down to Hannah.”

Resilience and determination have been key to Kian’s achievements. His unwavering commitment, with the support of his sister and his Game Changer Consultant, have helped him take big steps towards securing a future that he is excited by and proud of.

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