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Provision of pre-employment or pre-apprenticeship training in the Construction sector

  • Posted: 14th April, 2022
  • Opportunity type: Tenders


Game Changer is a £5.6 million project funded by The National Lottery Community Fund (TNLCF) and European Social Fund (ESF) which will run until February 2023 designed to support 1814 young people aged 15 to 24 who are NEET (not in employment/ education or training) or at risk of NEET across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

It will support young people to overcome the challenges, sometimes complex, they face; understand their individual aptitudes, passions and interests; develop skills and experiences; build connectivity and networks, resulting in improved confidence, removal of previous barriers, increased skills levels and ultimately them progressing into work, apprenticeships or long-term
learning/ training.

The programme is delivered by working with businesses, matching their needs and aspirations with the passions and skills of young people. From experiencing potential careers via sector based work placements to challenge based learning sessions where young people can grow and express themselves openly and explore opportunities, young people on the programme will receive support tailored to their needs.

Game Changer aims to give young people the freedom to explore and view their future from a different perspective and experience a broad range of career opportunities. Real Ideas is leading Game Changer, with a partnership of five delivery organisations, all of whom will provide the opportunity for young people to achieve a brighter future for themselves and be part of an inclusive and growing Cornish economy.

Game Changer also provides young people with a means of expanding their qualifications and building foundation skills that enable them to progress including functional skills, sector specific skills and some transferable qualifications when appropriate that provide stronger paths into progression.

The offer: Provision of pre-employment or pre-apprenticeship training in the Construction sector

This invitation is a tendering opportunity for organisations who work within the Construction sector to innovate and strategically work towards a step change within the sector by working with young people. They will create a range of interactions and opportunities for young people to explore the sector, learn new skills and create pathways to employment and careers in the construction industry.

We are looking for the provision of an academy model for Year 11 school leavers to access aimed at those who would like to move into paid apprenticeships rather than a full-time college pathway at 16. We will want a range of opportunities to try various construction skills and witness first-hand the real-world experience of life on a working construction site. We will want to know that they have the chance to meet and network with contractors who are looking to recruit apprentices and
will want the provider to demonstrate how interested parties will be able to meet with each other in a ‘meet the employer’ environment where there is a real chance of employment into an apprenticeship for the right candidate.

We will expect the provider to work closely with the Real Ideas team to identify any young people who are unlikely to progress into apprenticeships as a result of the provision and support them to work towards alternative onward progression opportunities.

The academy should launch as close to the end of GCSEs as possible and provide opportunities to learn vocational construction skills and hands on learning with opportunities for onsite visits and employer networking.

Digital badges should be issued as a result of any activity that can be recognised using this tool.

Full tenderTender response document


  • 100% participants are given the opportunity to gain a CSCS card
  • 100% participants given the opportunity to try mixed construction skills activity
  • 100% participants given opportunity to gain first-hand experience of a real construction site
  • 100% participants given opportunity to meet potential apprenticeship providers for Q&A

Requirements of funding

Examples of how the resource might be utilised:

  • Enabling the provider to resource smaller groups that enable young people eligible to participate.
  • Support to re-design training to meet Game Changer learner needs.
  • Provide contextual learning or engagement that supports individuals.Enable an eligible participant through support to join groups of learners to achieve a CSCS card.
  • Innovate delivery to make it more appropriate attractive/ increase engagement and retention of these specific learners.

This list is not exhaustive, but all provision must meet the eligibility requirements of ESF and TNLCF.

Payment Profile

For the provision of the above identified objectives, based on results achieved, this commission is for up to the value of £5000; to allow the successful tenderer to operate from late June through summer period and would be expected to work with a cohort of approximately 12 eligible young people for this contract value.

Applications will be assessed on a value for money and quality basis. There may be further opportunities to extend or repeat provision subject to funding and performance. Payments will be made quarterly. At the end of the first month and every month thereafter the provider will submit an invoice detailing their expenditure, activity and achievements to date.

Providers will be required to supply the following as part of their invoice:

  • Copies of all third party invoices and defrayal evidence of those invoices
  • Participant cost receipts accompanied, where required, with project specific documents.


As this is an ESF/TNLCF funded programme, the provision of the training programme held within this contract will need to be run in compliance with Funder’s guidelines and delivery is therefore subject to robust quality assurance and compliance monitoring processes.

The chosen organisation will be required to deliver the following provision:

  • Deliver pre-employment or pre-apprenticeship support to participants.
  • Action plans must be reviewed a minimum of every 4 weeks with written reviews
  • Evidence of attendance must be submitted via relevant paperwork
  • Provision must support participants to progress into employment, apprenticeship, education or training on completion.

Delivery Specifications

The successful tenderer will be expected to:

  • Provide evidence of having previously successfully delivered comparable offers to a similar client group.
  • Provide a budget breakdown clearly showing the spend allocation for each aspect of delivery.
  • Undertake engagement meetings with participants, to establish progression pathway within the sector.
  • Have a staffing structure that enables individuals to be supported and inputted to the Game Changer participant tracking system.
  • Provide evidence of previous retention, achievements and success rates for a similar cohort.
  • Manage individual participant records that comply with the Game Changer’s contract requirements.
  • Partake in monthly reviews.
  • Understand and comply with ESF and TNLCF requirements for eligible spend.

Timeline for delivering the work

Timeline requirements Date

Applications for submissions deadline – 12pm 13th May 2022
Evaluation of tenders using award criteria – WE 20th May 2022
Stand still period – WE 24th June 2022
Contract awarded to winning tender – 30th May 2022
Contract commences – 27th June 2022
Evidence to be audited and signed off – Every 3-4 weeks
Contract end date – Aug 5th

Selection criteria

Primary factors that the panel will use as decision making tools will be value for money, added value, previous experience and ability to deliver excellence.

Responding to this Invitation to Tender

Please email your submission to Louisa Luke, Contract Manager for the Game Changer programme, on [email protected]
Submission deadline 12pm – 13th May 2022.

Full tenderTender response document

For an informal conversation about this opportunity please contact Ed Hart, Programme Lead on
07967 830540 or email [email protected]