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Investing in the Workforce

By 29th March 2019 No Comments

Yesterday, Creative and Cultural Skills Programme Director Robert West wrote a fantastic news piece for ArtsProfessional on how arts organisations can attract a diverse workforce into their sector by dismantling self-constructed barriers.

“Schemes addressing equality and diversity imbalances in the cultural sector have been on the agenda for many years. Class and social mobility are rightly also being discussed as part of the inclusion debate” he says. “Yet, despite all the talk about diversity and inclusion, has anything really changed?”

He goes on to talk about how people working in a sector have a responsibility to ask ourselves if we are doing enough. Are arts organisations looking inwards, at their youth theatres or Saturday art clubs? Are they considering career changers or staff that need upskilling? “Let’s not forget that change starts with ourselves.”

To read the full article, visit the ArtsProfessional website here.

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