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Interns Crash MTV!

By 8th August 2017 July 23rd, 2019 No Comments

In the excitable weeks leading up to MTV Crashes Plymouth 2017, RIO (a sponsor of the event) issued a callout for young creatives to gain the opportunity to intern at MTV on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th July 2017.

Applicants were asked to send in a ‘Creative Submission of Interest’ in order to be a part of one of Plymouth’s biggest events. This included all forms of media from videos or poetry, to artwork and posters. The creativity and effort shown by all who applied was astonishing and really highlighted the drive and talent that these young people harnessed.

The successful candidates were Tom Clements, Isaac Elwood, Caitlin Wilkinson, Adam Drewery, Tiff Murray, Shanie Svenson, Liam Jones, Graeme Langdon and Jodie Ronaldson working in fields ranging from event management, security, social media, and digital marketing throughout both Thursday and Friday.

Thursday 27th July was the time for Tom, Isaac and Caitlin to don their high-vis jackets, throw on their staff passes and try their hand at working at MTV Crashes Plymouth 2017. They gained vital insider knowledge, worked alongside professionals and learned what it takes to safely run and market a large-scale music event.

The weather may have been damp but spirits were certainly high. Amongst talks of professionalism, fun, and future plans, staff at the event had this to say about their interns:

Tom Clements did fantastically, getting involved in all of the activities he was asked to do. He had a brilliant time and was inspired by his chosen job role within marketing; so much so that it helped him discover the desire to own his own social media company in the future. Tom remained well mannered, helpful and professional at all times.

Tom awaiting his social media debut

Isaac Elwood really looked like part of the events team. He was very keen and eager to learn new skills and really got involved in the work. He stayed enthusiastic throughout and felt the experience was very beneficial to him as it gave him insight into how a huge event should be coordinated and handled, which was great for him as he would like to be a theme park director one day.

Isaac sporting formally mentioned high-vis jacket

Caitlin Wilkinson also did very well. She said it was great and she was really enjoying her time there. Caitlin had the crucial job role of up keeping and managing MTV Crashes Plymouth’s social media channels and posting engaging content.

Caitlin getting her energy for the big day!

A new day means new interns, and what day two lacked in weather conditions (again!)  it made up for with six new, keen and eager interns; Adam, Shanie, Liam, Tiff, Jodie and Graeme. We caught up with a few of the interns to ask some questions about their time working for MTV Crashes Plymouth 2017 and this is what they had to say:

  1. How did you feel knowing you had been chosen to intern at MTV Crashes Plymouth 2017?

Adam: Excited… amazing!

Graeme: Special, important, overwhelmed, honoured!

Liam: Thrilled, enthusiastic, nervous, excited and keen.

Tiff: Amazing! Once in a lifetime opportunity, I feel privileged.

Tom: When I found out that I was chosen to intern for MTV Crashes Plymouth 2017 I thought it was an honour and felt excited to do it.

  1. What was your job role at MTV Crashes Plymouth?

Adam: Digital Marketing.

Graeme: Sound tech and security.

Liam: Event management.

Tiff: Steward. Checking tickets, clicking people in, putting bands on people and cutting them off.

Tom: My job role was marketing/social media, so taking loads of photographs and learning what the social media team does.

Graeme making friends with his security guard colleague at the side of the stage.

  1. What was the most exciting/ best experience during your time interning at MTV?

Adam: Being able to experience the procedures of risk management within events.

Graeme: Meeting the security guards and getting to know them, they’re really banterful! – and the music!

Liam: Seeing artists and being backstage.

Tom: Oh, that’s a hard one because all day was the best experience for me. The most exciting part was either watching Louisa Johnson or Clean Bandit doing a sound check, or when Matt Willis from Busted walked passed me… or just seeing Busted LIVE!

  1. What did you find most challenging during your time as an intern?

 Adam: Finding a solid place within the team and defining my aim/role within my head.

Graeme: Making my way through the crowd!

Liam : At times it was a bit slow.

Tiff: The weather was horrible! Windy and rainy!

Tom: None of it was challenging as I had so much fun!

Liam browsing Jodie’s MTV photo footage.

  1. Did you learn anything during your time at MTV? If so what was it?

Adam: Yes – I learned how to assert myself in the workplace.

Graeme: You have to remain professional at all times as people take you more seriously when you stay professional.

Tiff: How to use the clicker! I love using the clicker, I’ve been doing a good job.

Tom: I learned what a social media team does behind the screen.

Tiff with her beloved clicker.

  1. Has this given you the confidence to apply for internships/voluntary work/jobs in the future?

 Graeme: Yes – It gave me so much more of an insight. I wouldn’t turn down a job in this field.

Liam: Oh yeah!

Tiff: Yeah, because I loved it!

Tom: I have already been doing voluntary work but it’s given me the confidence to apply for more social media jobs. 

  1. Would you like to develop on the skills which you learned during your internship? What were the skills?

 Adam: Yes – Social media marketing, digital marketing and risk management within an event.

Graeme:  Security guards – It was fun but also being professional and making sure the right people were coming through, checking passes etc.

Tiff: Yes. I got better at speaking to people and I want to improve on this.

Tom: Oh yeah, as I want to run my own social media company so any skills to do with running a business would be helpful.

Adam walking towards the stage.

  1. And finally did you meet anyone famous?!

 Adam: Tiff!

Graeme: I was walking backstage and R3wire and Varski were walking towards me and they stopped and had a quick chat. It was very cool!

Tiff: Not that I’m aware of? …only joking, Adam!

Tom: Well, I didn’t ‘Meet’ anyone famous BUT Saw Louisa Johnson and Clean Bandit doing a sound check. I also saw Louisa Johnson running from the rain! Matt Willis from Busted walked passed me and smiled and after Busted performed they were hanging outside and I was close to them.

The famous Tiff.

We would like to thank everyone at Plymouth City Council for creating these amazing job opportunities for our brilliant interns. Not only was this a huge learning curve for the young people, but it also allowed many of them to build confidence and distinguish their career path for the future – which to us seems like an invaluable experience. We’d also like to say a big thank you to all of our interns; you did a fantastic job and showed yourselves to be professional, talented, hardworking individuals and should be extremely proud of yourselves. Well done guys!

Fridays interns braving the elements in front of the stage!

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