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Inside the world of the SEQ

By 13th December 2013 No Comments

The Social Enterprise Qualification (SEQ) is a hands-on qualification developed by the Real Ideas Organisation in partnership with SFEDI Awards that gives young people the knowledge and confidence that they need to be able to go into the world and solve problems within their community, in a socially-enterprising way. Through taking part in the qualification at a Bronze, Silver or Gold Level (Level 1 award, Level 2 award and Level 2 certificate on the Qualifications and Credit framework respectively), young people develop a product or service that solves a social or environmental issue around them. This could be a one-off or ongoing social enterprise activity.

All of this knowledge that students and young people leave equipped with comes from dedicated SEQ mentors who are trained to deliver the qualification, and mentor the young people embarking on it. SEQ mentors come from educational establishments and youth groups, but wherever they are from and whoever they are teaching, we wanted to share their experiences as mentors with you.

Currently there are 374 mentors trained to deliver the qualification across the country, and on an international scale. We wanted to share some of their insights with you, to give you a glimpse into what it is like to be a mentor, and how they inspire young people to develop their end project, but also into how they might make a bigger impact over a longer period of time.

You can read our SEQ mentor blogs on the SEQ website. Karen Heywood from Forest E-ACT Academy is currently mentoring a group of disengaged young people in education, to try to re-engage them. Martyn Mullender from Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy is currently our other regular blogger. He runs a successful social enterprise called Portland Rocks, providing music opportunities for young people across Portland. Just click here to read about the SEQ journeys from some experiences SEQ mentors.

If you are interested in finding out more about the innovative Social Enterprise Qualification, or want to train to become a mentor, please email helpdesk@realideas.org or phone 08458 621288. Alternatively, visit the website.

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