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Innovative fundraising campaign sparks imagination

By 4th March 2015 No Comments

There is nothing I love more than sharing innovative practises from the world of fundraising – and this is my one of the week!

UK charity CoppaFeel! teamed up with Wooshping, a mobile engagement specialist, to distribute interactive wristbands to help women detect breast cancer.

The interactive wristbands will be distributed across CoppaFeel!’s ‘University Boob’ Teams – covering 60 universities up and down the UK. Women simply tap their phone on the wristband to sign up instantly to the text reminder service to get them to check their breasts regularly for signs of cancer.

In fundraising or income generation, it is essential that we are able to engage with our audiences, as both donors and participants. It’s also essential that it is as easy as possible for people to be able to engage with our ‘cause’. Wooshping have created the ability to run cultivation and awareness campaigns with a twist; and I for one can’t wait to see what other settings take on this technology to create modern day, fit for purpose fundraising campaigns.

Written by Elinor Eaton, RIO Schools Consultant

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