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Peer Connector Hannah

By 21st August 2017 No Comments
Hannah Sloggett

Hannah Sloggett has been living in the community for 15 years. Her family have lived in Stonehouse for generations and her husband’s family also have a long history in the area, having run Levy & Sloggett on Union Street before World War II.

Hannah has worked at the Science Museum in London, the Ragged School Museum and the Plymouth Museum and became really interested in audience development: thinking about ways to encourage people who don’t usually use museums to pop in. She then moved to the Planning Department in Plymouth City Council where she worked on involving local communities in the future of the city and some of the most controversial changes happening in the city.

Ten years ago, Hannah started doing community work because she wanted to make friends and cared about where she lives. Now she is passionate about celebrating Stonehouse and improving the area in a way that is positive for local people as well as people moving into the area.

Hannah expresses why she is passionate about the community:

“Stonehouse is a great place to live; it’s full of amazing people and wonderful old buildings. It has a bad reputation and some real challenges. I think local people are the best people to find ways forward with those.”

“I have lots of fun living and volunteering here, it makes me feel happy. My children learn lots, meet all sorts of people and see that each of us can make a difference.”

She sees her peer connector role as a way of connecting and supporting local people and organisations who want to do things in the neighbourhood; making sure they connect with other’s ideas, needs, and resources that might lead to a community business or community led solutions to happen.

Hannah heard about the role having been to the Power to Change workshops and is currently getting business support from RIO.

For her, this way of thinking and working in communities is key to finding sustainable ways for local people to make a difference and improve their local area.

Hannah wants to get behind people who want to make change happen, help them make contacts and join up the dots to get their idea off the ground in a way that benefits this local area. She is also learning from this which is helping her build a community business too.

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