Workable is a campaign to support young people with disabilities move into work:

A campaign is when people organise and work towards an aim.

WorkAble has 2 aims:

1. To connect with local employers, to help them think about the way they work with young people living with a disability.

2. To work with young people who have a disability, helping them to find work.

There are 11,000,000 people living with a disability in the UK.

If you are under 26 you are 4 times more likely to not have a job. WorkAble is trying to change this; if someone has a disability, they may still be able to work.

WorkAble is part of the Game Changer programme. Game Changer is aimed at young people who are:

– 15-24 years

– Live in Cornwall

– Not in Education or employment


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If you are a young person or a business interested in getting involved please address your enquiry to Kate Rowlands.

01579 646005 / 0330 223 4158   |   26 Fore Street, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 3JB

Game Changer is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery, through the National Lottery Community Fund.

Game Changer is delivered in Cornwall with funding from: