A compilation of Cornish rock.

Galigantus is a compilation of Cornish rock, punk and metal bands covering each other’s music. The album is a celebration of creativity and music in Cornwall, created through the Game Changer programme thanks to the help and charity of all the bands involved, Cabin Fever Audio and RouteNote. All profits will be donated to the Livewire Youth Project.

Galigantus was first released on Friday 1st November 2019; grab one of a limited run of digipak’s by clicking the link below.

With the support of staff and music industry professionals, the Game Changer participants, named below, recorded these tracks, performed on some of them, interviewed bands and music producers, took part in mixing/mastering workshops, and assisted on some band video shoots at RouteNote for RouteNote Sessions. They then informed and guided the marketing plan, including artwork and the title for this compilation.

Galigantus refers to a giant in Cornish folklore who holds captives in an enchanted tower, and is defeated by a farmer’s son called Jack, freeing the prisoners. Galigantus seems very apt as a metaphor for the barriers commonly faced by young people in our present day. At Real Ideas Organisation and through our Game Changer programme, we help our participants find their inner ‘Jack’ and conquer their difficulties.

Have a Listen

Track List

  1. Cybernetic Witch Cult – ‘Mariana’ (Kernuyck cover)
  2. The Eyelids – ‘Sea of Trees’ (Monolithian cover)
  3. Sam Bradbury – ‘Bella’ (Oof cover)
  4. Monolithian – ‘F. Emasculata’ (F. Emasculata cover)
  5. Bucca Dhu – Act Normal (Dië Spanglë cover)
  6. Night Motor – ‘Buzzsaw Tomahawk’ (Rash Decision cover)
  7. Roo Pescod – ‘Cosmic Dust’ (The Eyelids cover)
  8. Dië Spanglë – ‘Take a Walk’ (Bucca Dhu cover)
  9. Adam Morrison – ‘No. 12’ (Mouth cover)

Making the Record

The Galigantus project enabled our Game Changer participants to get a taste of what can otherwise be an intimidating or costly industry. The three short videos below, made by Future Sync Media, show the journey in more detail:

Livewire Youth Project

When asked about who to donate profits to as a result of this release, the young people voted in favour of the charity Livewire Youth Project, based in Saltash.

“Livewire is a music-based charity which also provides a wide range of well being and mental health services for local young people. Our aim is to support and develop a safe caring community where ALL young people are valued and encouraged to reach their full potential musically and emotionally.”

Game Changer

Game Changer is an ESF National Community Lottery-funded programme, designed to help 1035 young people aged 15-24 across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to overcome the complex challenges they face; develop skills; build networks; and ultimately move into employment, education or training.

The following young people and Game Changer participants have guided this journey:

Jack Van de Pol, D-CYPHR, Jack Kinsman, Ashleigh Walker, Chris Allen, Megan Hanson, Cameron Allen, Joel Evans, Mason Edwards, Casey Hill, Jakob Biddle, Jess Pearse, Freya Hollins/Hellswren, Will Sweet, and Reece Reynolds.


This project was supported by

FEAST / Creative Kernow, Cabin Fever Audio, RouteNote and the ESF National Community Lottery Fund.

Music performed by

Cybernetic Witch Cult, The Eyelids, Sam Bradbury, Monolithian, Bucca Dhu, Night Motor, Roo Pescod, Die Spangle, and Adam Morrison.

Music originally written by

Kernuyck, Monolithian, Oof, F. Emasculata, Die Spangle, Rash Decision, The Eyelids, Bucca Dhu, and Mouth.

Artwork created by

Troy Woodhouse, Gammaray Creative Ltd.
Sketches originally produced and featured on this release are by: Casey Hill, Hellswren/Freya Hollins, and Will Sweet.

All tracks engineered and mixed by Jimmers Thomas, apart from:
Track 6 submitted by Night Motor, track 8 submitted by Die Spangle and track 9 submitted by Adam Morrison.
All tracks recorded between May and July of 2019.

Many Thanks to Hoby Allen at Cabin Fever Audio for the use of their facilities in both Redruth and Penryn and of course to all the bands and artists involved who volunteered their time into making this happen. Additional thanks go to RouteNote/RouteNote Sessions for being kind enough to open their doors and introducing a new world of possibilities to our young people, in particular – Steven Finch, Ed Pipkin, Barnaby Ray and Marley Jones.

All rights reserved, copyright and publishing rights owned by Real Ideas Trading Ltd. All compositions remain the rights of the original artists.