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‘Fantastic Futures’ careers event designed to inspire young people

By 21st October 2014 No Comments

Real Ideas Organisation (RIO) is working with Brannel School in St Stephen in Cornwall on a ‘Fantastic Futures’ inspired careers event for young people from Brannel School. The event is taking place at Brannel School on Wednesday 22nd October, and is set to bring together 750 young people from Years 7 to 11 at Brannel School, and some Year 6 students from local primary schools, as well as over 20 businesses from a variety of sectors, keen to share their passion and enthuse the young people.

The theme of the day is ‘raising aspirations and shaping futures’, and the multitude of activities scheduled throughout the day should encourage the students to do just that. Presentations from industry leaders and hands-on activities are incorporated into the day to unlock the students’ passions. The event is designed to show the students how they can use their time and opportunities at school to shape their interests and provide useful insights into possible career pathways.

The event will run from 8:55am – 3:25pm, giving the young people and business representatives the chance to use a full school day to make the most of the opportunities the day will bring. The ‘carousel’ of activities is designed to ensure every student gets to take part in all aspects of the day, listen to career journeys and real work experiences from across a range of sectors, including engineering, finance, health, culture and creativity, tourism, education, technology and many more.

During each session, the students will also be able to participate in more practical activities to find out more about what it is like working in a specific sector. They will be challenged to explore various industries through carrying out online research, putting together a collage that represents the sector, illustrating and compiling some narrative, including quotes from the business facilitators and some context of what it is like to work in their sector.

The students will then be given the chance to exhibit the work that they have produced in their groups, a very visual way of sharing information and helping to excite the students around current and future work opportunities.

Elizabeth Fletcher, Business and Enterprise Manager at Brannel School, says, “We are really excited to be working with the Real Ideas Organisation and a host of local businesses and organisations to turn the idea of a careers event on its head. Fantastic Futures is ‘not just any careers day’- it’s about raising aspirations and shaping futures; unlocking our students’ passions, interests and aptitudes in order to show each and every one of them how they can best use their time at school to take control of shaping their own future.”

Tamzyn Smith, Lead Developer for Art and Culture at Real Ideas Organisation and one of the lead facilitators for the event, says, “RIO is really pleased to be involved in this event. It’s great that Brannel School is willing to work so innovatively in supporting its pupils to meet with potential future employers, and as employers it’s important that we engage with young people at this age to help them see and map their future pathways into industry.”

Businesses will also get the chance to exhibit their work to a new audience, talking to the young people in depth about their own careers as well as the career aspirations of the students, answering questions and sharing their passion for their work.

One key message is integral to the event: students are the potential employers of tomorrow and by working with them to help encourage them and bring out their interests, businesses across every sector can ensure that their future employers are as dynamic, passionate and forward-thinking as they can dream.

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