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Why Badge? Colleges

  • Date: 6th October, 2021
  • Venue: Online events

6th October 2021 at 4pm

Badge Nation is a powerful collective of employers, schools, colleges, training providers, and informal educators. We are committed to recognising what individuals accomplish outside of formal accredited qualifications, using digital badges to motivate learning and ambition. This webinar is part of our 'Why Badge?' series.

Everyone knows that formal qualifications and certificates have a value in a skills economy, but how much do they really tell us about a person’s suitability for a role? Or the actual experience of gaining that qualification? What is it that makes a course amazing for someone? Is it the curriculum itself or all the additional value that the organisation can bring to that setting?

Badges are an amazing way to demonstrate the ‘over and above’ achievements of learners at your establishment. They can show the valued skills they will have demonstrated as well as the actual qualifications or certificates they have achieved. Work experience, traineeships, industry placements and internships, T-levels, Skills for HE and more are all amazing places to use badges!

With Badge Nation you can easily create your own bespoke badges to acknowledge and reward the achievements of your students, volunteers, colleagues and teams. Led by Real Ideas and Future Creators, all badges issued by Badge Nation are written using the Cities of Learning badge standard which is endorsed by City and Guilds and the RSA.

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