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Upside-Down Thinking - Exhibition by Rachel Heseltine

  • Dates: 23rd October, 2020 - 13th November, 2020
  • Venue: Plymouth - Ocean Studios
Important: You must book to visit the exhibition. By selecting a slot, you are welcome to drop in at any point during that hour. Please follow our social distancing guidelines on the Terms and Conditions at checkout.

Upside-down Thinking
By Rachel Heseltine 

 The exhibition divides into two groups;
 1. The jester as an archetype
2. Corrections. 
' The groups are reflections on how I find the world which I believe will
resonate with many other people.

The jester is a star child. The archetype of the jester likes to be happy, enjoys
life, a good joke and lives in the moment. However there is also the flip side
or shadow.

The shadow jester lives in the moment, enjoys a bad joke, needs
instant gratification and causes destructive calamities to themselves and
those around them. 

 Corrections are the physical results of our behaviour. There are real fears
and anxieties within us today. People are fearful that the world of the shadow
jester is the force that is controlling our lives.

This Exhibition is open during Real Ideas Cafe opening hours. ' 

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