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The Awkward Conversation - Why we should talk about money and class and its impact on our access to the arts.

  • Date: 28th January, 2021
  • Venue: Online events
The year
2020 may have drawn to a close, but the economic disparity magnified by the
pandemic continues. As we move into 2021 and continue to navigate these
uncertain times, there are important questions we need to ask ourselves as
cultural and creative businesses and organisations. One of them being, how do
we contribute to a fairer system for participation, recruitment and inclusion
in the arts?

We would
all agree that access to the arts is a right and not a privilege, whether as an
employee, producer, creative, manager, freelancer, audience member or customer,
but how do we ensure the playing field is levelled, when it comes to who makes
and defines art in all its forms?

In this
latest webinar from the Cultivator Inclusion and Innovation strand, we discuss how we start to have conversations about class within our
organisations. During the session, we will hear from each of our panellist's,
including Kate Danielson, Director, Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries and Steve
Clark, Head of Resourcing at Real Ideas (more panellists to be announced)
exploring themes such as:

  • How we
    go about understanding the makeup of our current workforces.
  • Being more accommodating and inclusive in our recruitment processes.
  • How we go about measuring our progress for each of these in a clear and
    transparent way.
  • Making relevant, engaging, and accessible content for wide audiences.

Whether a
large institute or small business there are steps we can take to ensure that we
all have the same opportunity to define, practice and participate in the arts. 

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