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State of Us - Powerful Communities and Economic Democracy

  • Dates: 20th April, 2021 - 18th May, 2021
  • Venue: Online events
The State of Us – Powerful Communities and Economic
Online Conference Series throughout April and May 2021
The State of Us, based out of Plymouth (UK), draws inspiration
from new municipalist movements across the world and asks how we can build more
powerful communities and economic democracy. Throughout history, people and
communities have strived, fought and sacrificed for self-determination; for
enough freedom, power and choice to meet their needs and create meaningful

Over three initial focus sessions and a final plenary, The State of Us will focus on critical areas of the economy where citizens are practically building power and ownership: Work, Spaces and Places and Resilience (Making and Production). Bringing together local, national and international leaders, each session, we will explore grassroots examples of how different communities build power. We will share solutions, create new connections, networks and alliances, and co-create practical actions for locations like Plymouth to further their own new municipalism movements. To find out more information about the State of Us event series, speakers and partners visit our work page.

Event Programme:

The State of Us is one conference split four shorter sessions, over four separate days. Participants are welcome to book on any of the sessions individually, though we would encourage you to book on to all sessions, or at least one of the lead-up sessions and the plenary, to make the most of the event. 

Tuesday 20th April, 14:00hrs – 16:00hrs The State of Work
concept of livelihoods is one which we need to revisit as work becomes more
precarious and the workforce more fragmented. 
The State of Work will explore
the changing nature of work and show the solutions forged through new business
models and enterprises, collective organising and localised support for the

Tuesday 27th April, 14:00hrs –
16:00hrs The State of Places and Spaces
The unequal distribution
of ownership and access to land and property is one of the critical structural
inequality and exploitation in the UK. With a particular focus on local,
migrant and worker-owned businesses, 
The State of Places and Spaces will
explore how citizen-led community and social enterprise counter this and the
role local institutions can play as partners.

Tuesday 4th May, 14:00hrs – 16:00hrs The State of
Resilience (Making and Production)

 Often, environmental
sustainability is side-lined for the illusion of economic growth or set-in
conflict with more social outcomes and visa-versa. False choices as climate and
ecological emergencies intensify. The State of Resilience will explore how we can ensure
sustainability is at the heart of the struggle for autonomy and how community
enterprises and initiatives are making this happen.

Tuesday 18th May, 14:00hrs – 17:00hrs The State of Us Plenary

With contribution from municipal speakers, the final plenary
session will bring together the experience of more developed new-municipal
movements with learning from the earlier session – growing, summarizing and
consolidating collective learning. We will identify new areas of activity, new
groups, collaborations and networks and initiate practical next step actions to
widen community power and economic democracy.

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This event is brought to you by generous funding from our partners, Power to ChangeNew Economics FoundationPlymouth CulturePlymouth Social Enterprise NetworkCo-operatives UK and Stonehouse Voice, and is, therefore, free for all. Please bear this in mind when booking, and only select the event(s) you will be available to attend. 

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