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Northern Lights Experience - Dome Screening

  • Dates: 4th December, 2021 - 28th December, 2021
  • Venue: Plymouth - Market Hall - Dome

Join us for a Northern Lights experience in the immersive dome, followed by a series of short films, screened as part of our Christmas programme for 2021.

Northern Lights Experience – Résonances Boréales

Join us to experience the Northern Lights! Enjoy a breath-taking 360-degree view of the Northern Lights as you travel straight into the heart of the boreal forest.
This 360-degree breath taking show creates a visual environment in full symbiosis with Roman Zavada's piano compositions and the Northern Lights. This unique experience brings the audience straight into the heart of the boreal forest above the 60th parallel. The stunning real-time images of the aurora boralis combined with the piano performance make for an unmissable immersive experience.

Running time 45 minutes (Approx)

The Light of Home
A fully immersive audio and visual experience exploring the emotional connections between light, place and memory. The story is driven by a soundtrack constructed from interviews in which people recall their experiences of light in the place where they grew up.

Running time: 4 minutes
More than 100000 chemical reactions happen in your brain every second. So what about the moment you saw the girl of your dreams, and she saw you? If we could capture those few seconds what would the data look like?

Running time: 5 minutes
We can’t wait to welcome you to our Thoughtful Christmas.
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