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Immerse Yourself: Art and Culture

  • Dates: 18th September, 2021 - 2nd October, 2021
  • Venue: Plymouth - Market Hall - Dome
Immerse yourself: Art and Culture

Join us for the first of our forays into art and culture in the immersive dome. An evening for creatives, makers, influencers, artists and anyone who loves cutting edge culture.

In a hosted evening of introduction and exploration we’ll share our thoughts on the artistic and cultural potential of the incredible immersive dome. You’ll get to view some immersive work from emerging and established creatives and your feedback will help us shape our future artistic programming.

6pm – 7.30pm Food and drink available in the café

7.30pm – 8.15pm Dome Experience

9.30pm Bar closes

Interval drink included in ticket price.

Your dome presentation for this event will include a range of tasters and trailers as well as triple bill of shorts:

Liminality – by 4Pi Productions with music by Filastine & Nova

A collaboration of cultures and technology – dancers move across coastal and industrial landscapes in south Wales, Delhi and Goa providing a snapshot into the constant cycle of transition and change, and highlighting the similarities these two countries share, and the changing relationship as India supports Wales with its industrial might.

The ritualised movements of dance in a 360º immersive environment conjure feelings of something much older than civilisation. A connection to the unrelenting cycle of creation, being harnessed through motion.

Winner of Best Artistic Film at Macon Film Festival in 2018 and the Janus Award for Best Short Film at Jena Fulldome Festival in Germany.

Light of Home by Michaela French with music by Richard Godbold

A fully immersive audio and visual experience exploring the emotional connections between light, place and memory. The story is driven by a soundtrack constructed from interviews in which people recall their experiences of light in the place where they grew up.

The Light of Home was a Finalist in the Jury Awards at the Jena Fulldome Festival 2016 and awarded the ‘Best Sonic Experience’ at the Fulldome UK Festival 2016.

LoVR by Aaron Bradbury with music by Jon Hopkins

A virtual reality visualisation of falling in love.

More than 100000 chemical reactions happen in your brain every second. So what about the moment you saw the girl of your dreams, and she saw you? If we could capture those few seconds what would the data look like?

LoVR documents this moment and is a story of love, told through neural activity captured over 4 seconds.

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