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Hot°House presents SPATIAL SOUND 2021

  • Dates: 5th October, 2021 - 7th October, 2021
  • Venue: Plymouth - Market Hall - Dome

Hot°House presents Spatial Sound 2021 the first fully immersive, independent conference intended to draw together the most exciting pioneers in immersive sound technology with producers of immersive spaces, VR, gaming, film, theatre and livestream.

Hot°House are sonic project managers best known as agents to an elite group of Film and TV composers, Hot°House act as Music Supervisors and Score Coordinators for the world’s most successful feature films – previous work includes Eurovision, Mamma Mia!, Bohemian Rhapsody, the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. With an established history of working on complex music projects, Hot°House now launch Spatial Sound 2021. Spatial Sound helps identify the ability to mix music for extra-dimensional listening experiences placing sounds above or below you, behind or in front of you and everywhere in between. This is also referred to as immersive sound. 

Hosted at the Market Hall, Plymouth, this conference with installations and panels is intended to help lifestyle brands, games developers, motion graphics designers and music producers understand the potential for spatial sound in wellness, architecture, live and binaural work flows. The physical conference will be supported with a digital space. 

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Hot°House Music presents Spatial Sound 2021 is comprised of two strands: 

Cinetronica – events and performances in the dome

Crossfade – panels, workshops and networking online and in the Market Hall

Find out more about the events taking place over 5th – 7th October below: 

Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 October 2021 – Cinetronica

Experiments in sound and vision 

Welcome to the Market Hall to experience spatial sound installation. Take part in a groundbreaking experiment in the dome to learn how spatial sound can support smart wellness. Contributors: Tawiah + Myrrh produced by Call and Response with neuroscience by Dr Julia Jones.

This event is free to attend and you can drop in any time, but you will still require a ticket. 

Thursday 7 October 2021 – Crossfade Conference

Thursday's conference will take place in person at the Market Hall and online. Please select the appropriate ticket option below.

Schedule for Thursday

– 10.30-11.15 – Registrations and Networking


Meet the makers of spatial sound. How is it created and how can you access it? 

– 2.30pm CROSSFADE ‘Insane in the Membrane’ 

How does Spatial Sound impact on humanity? We look at internal spaces (mental health and imagination) and external spaces (architecture and lifestyle) 

– 3.30pm CROSSFADE ‘Spatial Spaces’ 

How do different forms of spatial produced music interact in different settings and what is the potential 

– 6.30pm CINETRONICA ‘Ertha’ 

Tawiah + Myrrh perform an spatial work ‘Ertha’ exclusive to SpatialSound 2021.

This will be performed in the dome (and therefore not streamed online).

Tickets are being sold on behalf of HotHouse Music Ltd and is hosted in partnership with Real Ideas.

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