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Feminizing workspaces - How do we support the creative sector to encourage more women in leadership?

  • Date: 26th May, 2021
  • Venue: Online events

In a 2015 Guardian article it was reported that there
were more men called John in charge of FTSE 100 companies than there were
women. Since then, we have experienced the shared realities exposed by the
me-too movement and a huge reinvigoration of feminism.

Has anything actually changed though? And if so, how does
the creative sector fare in this picture?

Women face intersecting and multiple forms of
discrimination in the workplace. What can we do to create safe and inclusive
spaces where women can thrive and advance their careers towards leadership

In May’s Cultivator Inclusion and Diversity skill session
we will hear from women who are challenging the status quo in the sector and
ask what more can we do?

Join us after the session for an informal chat to
continue the conversation and to find out more about our Inclusion and
Innovation strand of the Cultivator programme.

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