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Digital Badges Workshop

  • Dates: 22nd April, 2021 - 30th June, 2021
  • Venue: Online events
Badge Nation is a community of organisations formed to encourage, track, share, recognise, reward and motivate learning and ambition – all via digital badges. Through Badge Nation you can easily create your own specific badges for your own students, colleagues or teams.

We are all built to learn. Yet, outside of formal education and certified qualifications, there is little to credibly validate the activity, the experiences.

This is why we’ve created Badge Nation. We exist to help organisations recognise individuals for their learning and achievements. Working together we make it easy for you to reward and badge-up success, helping you drive motivation, confidence and dedication to continual learning amongst your participants, learners, volunteers, placements and trainees.

Please feel free to head over to our webpage to find out more about Badge Nation and digital badges, along with watching our introduction to Badge Nation video before attending your workshop. Badge Nation – RIO – Real Ideas Organisation

Following placing your booking online we will be in touch with a link for you to join the online workshop.

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