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Business Development Session - Encouraging Local: What to do next?

  • Date: 1st February, 2022
  • Venue: Online Events

This is a blended session for self-employed people and new business starters to come together and discuss issues and challenges in a group setting.
Hosted by Real Ideas, we will discuss business issues and collectively work together to find solutions.
As there was so much to talk about, we have decided to carry on the theme of supporting local business, by moving on to what are we going to do about it. Our previous group all agreed that the benefits of encouraging local economy were far reaching and adopting this further will have a huge impact on society, economy and environment.
So what do we do? What practical things can be done to move things forward? Who can we engage with or lobby to provide further impetus to the movement. How can we make this change happen and be sustainable? We would love to hear your ideas so join in the conversation if you can.

There will be a limited number of tickets to join in person but plenty more via a weblink.

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