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Alice Robinson-Carter - Open Studio Exhibition

  • Dates: 9th December, 2021 - 12th December, 2021
  • Venue: Plymouth - Ocean Studios

Explore the studio of Alice Robinson-Carter – F.26 with additional works in the Emerge Space.

Dates : 9th – 10th – 9am – 6pm / 11th – 12th 10am – 4pm e

Please drop in to explore Alice's studio at any point over your allotted timeslot, please book below.

Alice is a painter, printmaker, walker and
explorer based in Plymouth (Devon). She is passionate about capturing the essence of place, in particular, those places she ventures into close to home, as well as from travels further afield. From foraging in the undergrowth, to watching birds take flight
and plummet back to land, Alice uses a mixed media approach to capture both the intricate details and expansiveness of these unique landscapes. Her primary materials are pastels, pencil and acrylic paint.

Alice is delighted to announce that she has taken up a permanent residency in Ocean Studios, a thriving hub for artists encompassing a multitude of creative disciplines. She warmly welcomes visitors to Studio 26 to share her work in progress and to discuss the development of her artistic practice.

Alice's first public open studio event showcases her participation in a project which has spanned the majority of this past year. She presents a visual exploration of the breath-taking and distinctive landscape of Dartmoor, after traversing its valleys, moors and woodland for many months. The physical journeys
that Alice has undertaken, between tors, bracken and boulders, are reflected beautifully in the richness and vitality of her paintings, as well as her freedom to experiment with a wealth of techniques and styles.

This artistic study has taken place under the creative direction of Slate Publishing House, an independent publishing house with a unique focus on hand-crafted publications and letterpress printing. Elements of Alice's recent artwork will feature in Slate's Dartmoor Collection, to be unveiled in Spring
2022, which celebrates the flora, forna, and landscape of Dartmoor in the release of a literary anthology and assortment of traditional print pieces.

Alice would like to extend her gratitude towards Slate Publishing House Ltd, for providing an avenue to express her creativity and nurture her practice as a recent graduate. She would also like to thank Real Ideas Organisation for providing a public platform for the exhibition of her work, and an opportunity

to further her progression as an independent artist.

Photography credits: Dom Moore.

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