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Digital curriculum fails to reflect current jobs market, says jobs board

By 27th October 2014 No Comments

The UK’s new digital curriculum doesn’t reflect the demands of the digital landscape, leaving the country vulnerable to an ever-growing skills gap, according to the niche jobs board Bubble Jobs.

The jobs board, which specialises in advertising digital vacancies, claims that while the new syllabus will help to prepare students for some areas of the industry such as coding and web development – it fails to cover a number of the other skills that are currently in demand.

Earlier this month, the UK became the first country to make computer programming a compulsory part of the curriculum in primary and secondary schools in a bid to address the impending digital skills gap.

However, out of some 1,400 digital jobs that were advertised on Bubble Jobs in recent weeks, just 39% called for the ‘hard’ technical skills such as coding and algorithms which will be taught as part of the new curriculum in roles such as Web Development, eGaming and User Experience.

On the other hand, 61% of the vacancies advertised on the job board called for ‘non-programming’ skills, and instead required skills in other areas such as knowledge of PhotoShop and Google Analytics, along with major CMS platforms like WordPress, in roles such as Digital Marketing, Social Media and Graphic Design.

Read the full article at www.dotrising.com

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