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A day out with our furry friends at Llama Land!

By 1st August 2017 No Comments
Llama land

On Thursday the 20th of July, Talent Match staff members Jack Harrison, Jayne Goddard, Helen Power and Will Turner-Otero travelled to Penare Farms just outside of Truro to take members to Llama Land!

The weather turned out nicely for the group,  with the sun shining even though the morning looked like there would be a flood inbound! They rocked up at the land of the Llamas and were soon greeted by the owner Tom. He gave us a great welcome and is a very funny guy with lots of knowledge of the Camelid family.

The group put on their boots and safely stored their belongings away under the watch of the farms trusty dog. They were then shown some Llamas that have recently arrived at the farm whilst Tom imparted his knowledge of the Llama family. The group were astonished to find that one member of the family, the Vicuña, has the finest animal hair in the animal kingdom. A Vicuña coat can be sold for as much as $21,000!

After contemplating if he had decided to look after the right animal, Tom took us down to the Llama pen where the Llamas who are ready to be walked were waiting. Everyone got to know the names of their soon to be friends. There was the Vicar, Rolo, Apache and Lance amongst many others

The Llamas got all suited up for a ramble in the countryside and everyone got into pairs and assigned a Llama to suit them.

The sun held out for the walk and the group had an amazing time getting up close and personal with the fluffy Camelids. They ran with the Llamas, helped them feed on the plant life and learned how to approach Llamas and care for them.

When the group returned, it is safe to say that they were all absolutely enamoured with the Llamas and wouldn’t want to leave.

Well, there will always be a next time!

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