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Curledge Street Primary Academy uses study of Ancient Baghdad to learn about other cultures

By 3rd February 2016 No Comments

Pupils and staff from Curlege Street Primary Academy in Torbay have been working hard over this term, delivering their history topic on Ancient Islamic Civilisations (Baghdad 900 AD).

Working with RIO consultants Deshni Pyndiah and Jonathan Clitheroe, the pupils have been tasked with the challenge of “how can we investigate Ancient Baghdad’s Golden Age and by doing so help our community learn about other cultures”.

The school sees this as a way to help children and the community understand the value of other cultures in a context that is relevant to their lives. The pupils have limited experience of other religions and cultures and are working to help others learn and celebrate this.

RIO has helped the school build partnerships with cultural and academic sector organisations to support them to create engaging learning experiences for the children. By collaborating with sector experts to develop resources and support with learning, the school is able to explore Ancient Baghdad and the Golden age in a way that is real, meaningful and immersive.

Pupils from the school have interviewed the CEO of Curriculum Enrichment for the Future, to answer their questions on Ancient Baghdad and worked with Deshni to design and create a micro site for their project, meaning that they are gaining experience of working alongside sector professionals and developing real world skills.

The pupils are in the process of creating resources for their site, an online collection of images, stories, reports and facts on Ancient Baghdad, documenting all of the things they have learnt over the term. The website is currently in development and is to be launched next Wednesday! Watch this space for more information!

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