Bristol Print Collective

Bristol Print Collective

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Bristol Print Collective deliver printmaking workshops in pop up venues in galleries, festivals and community spaces. Their aim is to keep the traditions of printmaking alive by offering accessible and engaging workshops for all members of society.


Bristol Print Collective was founded by artists Jemma Gunning and Victoria Willmott. The pair met in 2015 whilst studying an MA in Multi-disciplinary Printmaking at University of West of England, Bristol. They’ve found shared interest for discovering DIY lo-tech printmaking and explore creative processes to make printmaking workshops transportable without large equipment. In this way our workshops show how printmaking can be enjoyed outside of a studio in any environment and for all ages and abilities.We wish to encourage adults who may not have an artistic background to explore their creativity whilst learning a new skill. Demonstrating the creative and limitless possibilities we hope to inspire younger generations and other like minded artists to pick up an apron and get inky.

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