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Closing the Circle: digital, transport and the circular economy

By 31st May 2016 July 26th, 2019 No Comments

RIO and the Market Hall are bringing a new digital event focused on how digital technology can solve transport issues to Devonport Guildhall on Thursday 16th June.

The environment, health, resource depletion, productivity, urban growth and congestion are all problems of transport. However the advance of digital and growing movements around smarter cities, the internet of things and ideas of the circular economy are creating new opportunities to re-imagine mobility. New technologies are not only negating the need for travel altogether but also creating new ways of utilising different, more sustainable forms of energy; better approaches to design and; internet based platforms allowing for new forms of sharing and ownership.

Closing the Circle presentation and debate will showcase three leading innovators in the field of automotive design, the circular economy and digital data sharing, all working in the field of transport and mass mobility. What can these new opportunities mean for productivity, health and the environment, particularly in a region where we face the key economic challenge of peripheral distance, connectivity and rurality?

Stafford Lloyd is one of the leading design engineers behind the revolutionary hydrogen cell powered Rasa car from Riversimple. Systems and Sustainability engineer, Stafford is responsible for bringing Whole System Design practice to the engineering team and reducing the environmental impacts of the vehicle over its whole lifecycle. He joined Riversimple from Rolls-Royce plc. He is very proud to be working for a business that has a sustainable purpose and uses systems thinking for solving problems.

Mark Hodgson has over 25 years’ experience as a business professional specialising in sustainable business, low carbon economics and global commercial business development, with companies such as BT, PWC and Prudential. He started his journey into circular business when studying and working with Ray Anderson ex-CEO of Interface in 2002. He has a track record of helping businesses transition from traditional linear models to re-manufacturing and circular business models. His portfolio includes low carbon economic strategies and setting up new commercial and social enterprise businesses. He is director of Co-cars Ltd, the largest South West car club outside Bristol.

Martin Howitt has over 25 years’ experience in the digital side of local government and is currently the senior IT architect at Bristol City Council. A strong advocate of open data and digital inclusion in an era when technology is increasingly pervasive, he promotes these themes through local projects such as the Beyond the Smart City conference, ThingsCamp unconference and is also a co-founder of the Devon Node of the Open Data Institute.

Each of the presenters will talk for 20 minutes on their area of work, followed by a Q&A and debate. The evening will be chaired and introduced by Ed Whitelaw and is brought to you by the team behind the Market Hall – the South West’s new space for digital.

This event is being organised in partnership with RIO and the Market Hall, with support from Co-cars Ltd,Devonport Guildhall and Riversimple.

The FREE evening event begins at 6:30pm and ends at 9pm. Reserve your free tickets here.

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