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Brave Recruitment

Brave Futures Conference

By 29th March 2019 April 5th, 2019 No Comments

Written by Tillila Antonio, RIO Trainee Consultant

On the 1st November 2018 Brave Recruitment, a strand of the Cultivator Programme was launched at The Old Bakery Studios in Truro. Several businesses and organisations within the creative sector were invited to be a part of this exciting new opportunity.

Careers in creative industries are extremely popular and Cornwall’s creative sector is booming, so it’s an exciting time for people who work and wish to pursue a career in these industries. However, recruitment processes are incredibly outdated and can sometimes discriminate against diverse groups of potential employees.

The launch of the Brave Recruitment programme opened the conversation and delegates sat down to discuss solutions to these problems and outdated recruitment processes in effort to unlock otherwise hidden potential.
The morning began with a provocation in which attendees were presented with statements about their backgrounds. These included educational, personal, professional experience and their experience with engaging with creative activities; if that statement related to them, they were given a point. The evidence showed that those who held higher positions in the creative sector were given better tools and foundations to be able to advance their careers than those who did not, however interest in creative pursuits was equal.

It was time to introduce the Brave Recruitment programme and offer. The programme supports creative industries to recruit more bravely by offering support, tools and sessions that transform diversity from an obligation into an opportunity.

There are four strands to the Brave Recruitment programme – Skills Sessions, Innovation Labs, One to One Support and part-funded Placements. Skills Sessions provide practical actions and insights around such topics as governance, HR, wider audience engagement and diversity in the workplace. Innovation Labs deliver sessions for employers and potential employees to connect and collaboratively come up with solutions for a challenge that the organisation encounter. One to One support is offered to both the Brave Recruit and the business to make sure the opportunity works for everyone. The most pivotal part of the offer is to connect the right Brave Recruit with the right Brave Recruiter for a part-funded placement. This differs from the traditional free internship model, as Brave Recruitment recognise the value of paying for the Brave Recruit’s Placement. The Brave Recruitment programme is aware of organisations’ reservations around bringing a diverse member of staff into their workforce. This fund supports the business/organisation to mitigate the risk.

A representative from the Arts Council provided information on Arts Council requirements, particularly affirming what criteria creative industries should be meeting to secure Arts Council funding; one of these is making sure that recruitment and policies are diverse, and this is what Brave Recruitment aims to support.

After the various talks from RIO and the Arts Council, attendees sampled Brave Recruitment Innovation Labs so they could get a sense of what to expect when signing up. Each table (comprised with both Brave Recruits and Potential Brave Recruiters) successfully collaborated to come up with solutions to common challenges within the sector, such as audience diversification or increasing digital engagement.

Speakers from Sterts, LEAP and KEAP then ran Success Secrets talks in which delegates circulated the room to hear about these organisations’ success in taking on a Brave Recruit Placement. All talked about their positive experience, with KEAP also talking about their Writers Block sessions with the RIO programme Game Changer, and LEAP’s involvement with another RIO project, Workable.

Following the initial provocation, information from RIO and the Arts Council, and the Success Secrets from LEAP, KEAP and Sterts, many positive conversations and interest in the Brave Recruitment programme was enthused, which resulted in many of the attendees signing up to the programme.

If you are operating in the Creative Sector in Cornwall and would like to know more about how you can make more income and impact by recruiting bravely contact us at cultivator@realideas.org.

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