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RIO research published: Better ways to educate, do business and make positive social change happen

By 27th May 2014 No Comments

In September 2013 RIO Director Matt Little, supported by a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship Grant, visited Canada and the US. His report, sharing ideas and lessons for policy and practice, has now been published.

Speaking on the publication of his report, Matt said: “Given current global challenges, we must find better ways to educate, do business and make positive social change happen.

“Children and young people can be capable, creative and committed social entrepreneurs when given appropriate support, and they can provide us with some answers here, but the systems surrounding them – particularly schools – don’t tend to develop these abilities to the fullest extent.

“Nor do we often place young people in positions where they can innovate and make real social change happen for themselves and their communities.

“This research report analyses a diverse array of practice and policy in this area in the US and Canada, and from this aims to draw both concrete lessons and wider strategic and policy implications for the UK – particularly education, cultural and social enterprise sectors and organisations.”

To download the full report please click here.

Matt recently attended the WCMT Awards Ceremony to receive his medal for taking part in the Fellowship. You can read his blog from the ceremony here.

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